How to Test Garage Door Sensors

If there is an object in the glide path of a garage door, the sensor which is designed basically for the protection of lives and property engage the use of it electric photo-eye to prevent the door from closing. If the beam of the sensor is broken or the sensor doesn’t receive the beam emitted by its opposite number, the door won’t close. The testing of the garage door sensor once every month is encourage and advisable in order to have a perfect working sensor. Below are the steps to follow in testing the functionality of sensors.
Close the garage door with the help of the remote control.
Remember, any moving object found under the garage door when closing should automatically stop the door from closing. Therefore, slowly roll a basketball through the closing door. Normally, the door should stop and reverse direction, but if this is not the case, an adjustment may need to be made on the photo eye sensors.
Clean the sensors with a dry cloth. The LED light on each sensor should be illuminating, but if not, then you will have to adjust the sensors to line up with each other.
Unscrew the unlit sensor, move it up and down till the LED light stay lit, and then re-screw the nut.
Repeat the first and second step to test if the sensors are now working perfectly. If not, call a professional technician to examine the problem.

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