My Garage Door Is Loud

Though garage doors are made of several systems which could ultimately cause some noise. But however, we’re all aware of the fact that a noisy garage door can be a serious disturbance but that could be corrected. If the garage door is opening and closing properly, then working on the noise might be one of the easiest things to do, but the service of a professional technician might also be required in some important areas.
Identify the type of opener you own
The identification of the type of opener in your possession is the first step to note. Do you have a chain drive, belt drive or a screw drive opener? If yours is a chain drive, then you should expect it to be noisy. Though chain drive doors are not a bad option as their reliability in extreme climates is superb, and so is the fact that they’re inexpensive and last for a very long time. Frequent lubrication will surely reduce the noise but definitely won’t take it all away. Screw drive doors on the other hand are less noisy at onset but develop to be noisy as time goes on. Only belt drive doors operate in an extremely silent way when working properly without any functional problem.
Another thing to note is the balance of the door. The door will surely become noisy if its balance is questioned. In order to check the balance of the door, pull the emergency release cord and manually operate it. Lift the door halfway, release it and take note of a little movement which is the normal movement. If the door fall quickly to the lower position, then the tension spring is too weak, but if the door continue to rise, the tension spring is too great and need adjustment or replacement. An extension spring can easily be replaced by you, but if the problem is with the tension spring, then the service of a professional technician is advisable most especially if you have little or no knowledge about tension spring.
If the noise heard is that of a squeak, then you might probably have problem with your garage door hinge which can be fixed easily. Lubrication of the hinge could be the solution. But if the noise heard is that of a grinding type, there might be need for the replacement of your bent gear and sprocket. You may need to call a professional garage door technician for the replacement of bent gear and sprockets, except you have machinery knowledge. However, if you intend carrying out this replacement by self, then ensure the unit is unplugged before beginning.
The noise of a loud ticking sound could probably be that of a bad bearing located in the rollers or in the pulley. Replacement of the bearings is the solution to this kind of problem, and should be done with utmost care and concentration.
If the sound heard is that of a grating noise, you probably have a bent coil. The coil of the springs is rubbing against each other, and the spring need to be replaced by a professional except you’re competent enough.
Please note, garage doors are heavy equipment and replacement of parts needs to be done with caution, full concentration, and with extreme care most especially tension springs. If you have any doubt about working on any part of garage door, then the service of a professional is most welcome.

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