My Garage Door Won’t Close

I know how frustrating it could be, rushing out for a meeting and only to drive out of your garage with the intention of closing it but was unable to. This could be disappointing, but the below steps can get you back on track speedily.

Vacation Switch/Lock-out Button

Check the button on the wall and press to see if the garage door closes or not. After pressing, if it closes, then the problem is probably the Lock Out Switch or the Vacation Switch. Virtually all wall control stations have a turn light on/off button or that of a vacation/lock out and open/close button. Disengage the vacation switch and press your remote control again. If it works, then you can hit the road, but if otherwise, then continue with the below troubleshooting.

Check the Photo-eyes

The photo eyes which have an emitter sensor and a receiver sensor are mounted on each side of the garage door, and an invisible light is created between them. Several new garage door openers engage the use of electric eyes to trigger their automatic reverse safety features which stop the garage door from closing on objects. These sensors definitely have to face each other; as a result, any object under it will prevent the door from closing. But if you want to bypass this unit, hold the close button on the wall station until the door closes completely. Adjusting the electronic eyes is not difficult, but patient will be needed for the achievement of success.

Ensure your sensors are aligned

Ensure no object is blocking the sensors as this happen more often than you can imagine.
Dirt or grass clippings can distort the performance; ensure you clean the lens on each sensor.
Make sure the wires to the sensors and those going to the power head don’t come loose.
It has also been discovered that sun light can prevent the connection between sensors. Ensure the sun is not shining on the sensors, as sensors could think an object is blocking the opening. If it is, then make sure the sensors move further into the garage.

Check Door Close Sensitivity

The adjustment of opener can be difficult at times, but it’s definitely what can be done by a person who is mechanically minded. It is straight forward to carryout, but caution is also needed to stay alive. Virtually all garage door openers have a sensitivity setting for opening and closing the door. Ensure you check the manufacturer’s manual to locate where the sensitivity settings are positioned. The first thing to do is to disconnect the opener from the door by pulling the emergency release. Carryout a check on the balance and movement of the door by paying attention to whether the door is add to close or open. If this is the case, then the problem might probably not be the opener, and seeking a professional service is advisable. But if the garage door works manually, then all you need do is to reconnect the opener and make the close sensitivity adjustment. Please ensure you don’t increase it too much as this could be dangerous and endanger life and property.
If all of the above has been carried out but yet the door wouldn’t close, then you will have to close the door manually by pulling the emergency release. Get in-touch with a professional garage door repair company as some parts might need replacement.
Caution: If you feel uncomfortable carrying out any of the above, then engage the service of a professional company in order to stay safe and alive.

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